Limit The Number of Link In A Web Page

Unfortunately, although the idea to limit number of link in a web page seems reasonable, many of us still come up with a web page that has too many link. Maybe knowing the reason why too many link is a not a good idea will help… Maybe we do not really “see” the link hence we put too many unintended link…

Understanding Page Rank (PR), Link Juice and Link Distribution The Easy Way

While the exact nature of how Google and other search engine do their ranking for each web page on the internet is still unknown, the concept of back link, link juice and link love has been so far quite easy to model the search engine ranking. If you still have a little bit vague understanding about it, be sure to read this article to strengthen your understanding of one of the most important SEO aspect: link popularity.

First Thing First: The Title Tag On Your Website

Whatever kind of website you have – blog, e-commerce, review site, mini site, landing page, profile page, etc – one of the important things you need to look after is the TITLE TAG for each of the web page as this become the “label” or your site.

Submit Website to Search Engines

When we say “submit website to search engines” we really means to click ‘submit’ button. We go to the search engine website and we put the URL of our website there ! Wow, so easy !!! Yes, it is. BUT although it is a very good starting point , submitting our URL (website address) on official search engine submission page will not guarantee to give high rank

3 Keys SEO Principle: Absolute Must To Know

We accept that the exact formula of how a website ranked is unknown to the public. But based on observation and result people can conclude 3 major key principles. This is the basic of the SEO fundamental.

Optimizing The Speed Of Your Website: The Method

Having a fast website is one of the top wish list from a webmaster or website owner. Usually I don’t really pay attention about this as it’s talking about money. The more money as your capital for your website, usually the more faster your website will be as you can afford to buy a better server or hosting plan. But I have to rethinking everything because of this additional reason.

Link Building: A Must Do SEO With Some Sad Facts

One of the most important and cannot-be-skipped SEO (Search Engine Optimization) task is link building. This task is the one that bump up your website popularity on the internet, so it gives you free traffic from search engine, and at the end more profit to you. But is this link building is an easy task to do? Yes and No. Yes, you can do it cheaply even free but with much slower pace, or become so much easier and trivial when you spend much money. So, you need to get the balance right.

Introducing SEO: The New Beast in The Neighbourhood

First step as marketer, before we can market anything, we need to attract people to either type the website address by themselves or click a link that pointing to our website. After that, because of what we put on the website, hopefully we will be able to market whatever we want to market. We need to make people come to our website first. But how ?


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